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lions_mane_mushroom_300x342Lions-mane-mushroom or Satyr`s Bird is an edible mushroom variety which provides many health benefits for human health. This species grows in China, Japan, as well as North America and Europe. It is quite easy to identify by its numerous long spines. It is one of the most famous and efficient natural nootropics. It has been used for many centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for its tonic effects. Lions-mane-mushroom can be taken as a natural supplement. Find out more about this supplement’s capabilities and contraindications!

Cognitive Enhancer

Recent research points out that this supplement stands out from most cognitive enhancers on the market. The most striking peculiarity of this supplement is its capacity to increase NGF levels. By NGF we refer to an essential protein which supports the neurons and their functions. High levels of NGF can reduce inflammation, support nerve cell development and boost cognitive functions.

Lions-mane-mushroom Supplements are Widely used as a Brain Tonic

Most specialists agree that these benefits are obtained only through regular supplementation. A case study showed that patients with cognitive difficulties scored better in dedicated tests after roughly 4 months of daily intake. Once the supplementation stopped, patients reported a gradual cognitive decline.

Lions-mane-mushroom is believed to work well in boosting all brain functions. Healthy people can also enjoy this supplement and sharpen their memory or attention.

Neurological Protection

Lions-mane-mushroom has also been taken into consideration for its ability to fight degenerative brain diseases. A study conducted on mice proved that this supplement could reduce the number of beta amyloid plaques within the brain. This result is significant because beta-amyloid plaques formation is responsible for the development of Alzheimer’s disease. They cause inflammation and brain tissue damage. Patients suffering from other different forms of dementia are also believed to respond well to this treatment.

Higher levels of NGF showed positive memory boost in patients dealing with age-related cognitive disorders.

Lions-mane-mushroom might help to produce new nerve cells. Consequently, it can help patients struggling with Parkinson disease.

Immunity booster

An active immunity system protects us against infections and helps us deal easier with any disease. In order to strengthen our system, we need a healthy balanced diet, enough rest, and physical activity. If you are not able to meet all these requirements, supplementation might offer you support.

Lions-mane-mushroom supplements are especially helpful in boosting immunity because they provide lots of antioxidants that protect out organism against oxidative stress.

Digestive Health

These mushrooms can also support digestion. They help by strengthening the stomach’s mucosa because they are an excellent source of polysaccharides.

Patients suffering from diabetes can also benefit from this advantage. In their case, the Lions-mane-mushroom can also stabilize the glucose levels.

The supplements have also been tested, with positive results on patients suffering from an ulcer. In their case, the diseases symptoms were mitigated after regular intake.

Contraindications and Dosage

Lions-mane-mushroom supplements can be found quite easily both online and in health food stores. My recommendation is to choose a product that states its organic source.

You could also purchase specific kits and try to grow these mushrooms on your own.

A standard dose of Lions-mane-mushroom supplements is about 500-3000 mg per day.

Until now, noticeable side effects or contraindications have not been reported.

This supplement is considered one of the safest on the market. However, like any other supplement, it should only be taken according to the doctor’s prescribed dosage and if your health condition really requires it.